View Full Version : convert your 3d models to paper models with ease!

07-19-2006, 03:47 AM
Greetings y'all,

Someone posed a question earlier today which involved outputting a 3d-model to paper. And a search on this forum didn't yield any hits regarding Pepakura, so I'll post this info here for anyone to enjoy...

If you're interested in outputting a 3d-model to paper, have a look at Pepakura:


It's good clean fun and very cheap to buy ($38!). Imagine outputting your realtime models to physical paper models! Or if you ever have to create packaging with Lightwave (or any other 3d app) this might fit the bill. btw I recommend some kind of pdf-printer (some are free to download) to be able to edit the end result in Illustrator (e.g. adjust the fold line strokes). It's also possible to create giant paper versions that way by scaling.