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06-03-2003, 02:06 PM

Since I do use Maya as well, I try to find "bridge" between LW and Maya...and I realized, that 3D Studio MAX became highend program...but where is Lightwave then?

06-03-2003, 02:52 PM
the only resons that max became "hi end" was from the pressuer from discreet and sponsorship...plus [real reason?] max didn't drop it's price so it's hi end in price at least!

steve g

06-03-2003, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by j3st3r
I realized, that 3D Studio MAX became highend program.

Jester, I'm interested to know what it is that gives you the impression that Max is "high-end"?

Is it the high price?
Is it the popularity?

In all the sales figures I've heard, Max sells a few more units than Lightwave, though not that much more.

Max's renderer is so inferior to Lightwave's. My Max-using friends all agree on that. To get decent functionality out of Max, you need to load it up with plug-ins (and it does have lots of plug-ins) but this increases the cost even further.

All the major 3D apps could be regarded as "good", but I don't think there's anything very special about Max, apart from having the max price.

06-03-2003, 03:35 PM
Hey guys...it was very sarcastic note on my part...

Anyway, MAX claims itself as highend. That`s all. But I miss LW from that website...


06-03-2003, 03:41 PM
One more note on plugins, etc.

LW needs a lot of plugins to achieve functionality. Thanks god, most of them are free. I couldn`t live without edgetool (thanks to DSTORM!!!!), David Ikeda`s tools (thanks to David!!!!), and a lot of free plugins (thanks to their respective authors, Mr Hurley, Ichikawa-san, and many other authors!!!!). So LW needs those plugins as well...

I think, the borders of softwares are merging...ALmost all technique is playable in almost every software...

06-03-2003, 03:46 PM
too right beamtracer! [wow, i agree with you on something!!!!]

the only real high end 3d apps out there if the list was written by me would be:

level 1
maya unlimited
soft xsi

level 2
maya complete with motion builder ple
lightwave with acs4 or motion builder ple
lightwave with messiah
max with character studio and brazil/vray
max with motion builder ple
softimage 3d v 4

level 3
maya complete
lightwave and acs 4 or acs 3 [free]
max 5 [no plugins]
cinema8 studio
viz 4

level 4
cinema base version
sketchup 2 [3 soon]
bryce 5
poser 5


06-03-2003, 04:31 PM
i believe there are only highend- and lowend- user...

Give Maya unlimited to a newbee and you will see how highend it will be...

but apart from that... its funny to see on competitions or magazines where the bigger sponsors are discreet, or who-ever having full-page Ads, there seems to be the "tendency" to focus on their products more than on LW...

06-03-2003, 04:43 PM
Imagine for instance if lightwave can climb up to the first level of your list with the same price and all those features that we´ve waiting for...Killer!!!


06-04-2003, 04:54 AM
Don't care who calls what App a Hi, Med, Low end App.
if I like the App then it's hi End to me.
If I don't like the App,Well I am sure it is still a good App and other can find it useful.

Since all the MedEnd App's our making it to HiEnd App's.
Guess there our going to half to start having Very Hi End App's.

So far most Apps I have like and they all seem to have something to offer.
Never got this App's better then that App.

If all the 3D App's joined forces then the 3D Artist would benefit from such a merger.
Wish ya could make all the 3D,2D App's work together.

Poser,Bryce I consider special stand alone Apps that's Plug for Apps like LW,TS.
Seldom do ya hear them Call TrueSpace HiEnd but with the Pak's it will do what any other App will do.
Since TS App is selling well don't guess they care what ya call them.

This is on TS Site
3D World Issue 32, quotes from the 2001 Roncarelli Report on the Computer Animation Industry on "Company Ranking by total software licences sold" :
1. Caligari
2. Discreet
3. Strata Inc.
4. NewTek
5. MetaCreations
6. Maxon
7. Hash Inc.
8. Alias!Wavefront
9. Softimage
10. Realsoft
11. Electric Image Inc.

zBrush is a fun App to.
Would expect to see it on the 2003 Roncarelli Report.

As long as 3D keeps advancing then we all win.
But in the End it's not the App's it's the Artist.


06-04-2003, 05:51 AM
Here's a dumb thread.

There's no official classification that makes a particular application high end or whatever.

The term is brought to you in much the same way the high school cheerleader is known as a **** or popular.

06-04-2003, 11:02 AM
LMAO! ****=she is doing everyone, popular=she is also doing you! :D

06-04-2003, 12:16 PM
Hey guys come on... Open your eyes. Lw is just a tool. Lw is not a soccer team or a football team. just a tool.

I hate 3dsmax, but I must agree. 3dsmax now can be considered a highend package.

LW need much more improvements to reach a HIGHEND (I don't speak about render or textures. I'm speak about all features). LW render is a highend. maybe lw8 will be a highend package.

Forget LW plugins and MAX plugins. Compare lw feature list and 3dsmax feature list. What's more complete? Look at organization of package. What's package give more suport to work?

It's not mean 3dsmax is better for work than lw, but mean that 3dsmax is more complete than lw. he have more support.

well I don't wanna trouble, it's just my opnion.

excuse my english.


06-04-2003, 01:18 PM
Well, All this hubub is pretty useless. Also this "highend" carries a certain arrogance in it. Many so called "high end" power users are not smarter than me - on the contrary. I often found that they lack a certain willingness to master their tools ('cos they rely too much on extra buttons/ functions for every problem) and to a certain degree this also affects their creativity. Not a good combination.


06-04-2003, 01:21 PM
may i quote from the actual interview on newteks website with chet zar...

Lastly, I have always respected NewTek’s attitude of putting high end 3D tools in the hands of the people. In the early days of 3D, you had to spend a fortune to buy a copy of one of the ‘high end’ software packages, and even more for the machine to run it. LightWave was one of the only packages that the average Joe could afford, and did just about everything that the ridiculously expensive packages could do. It made the ‘big boys’ look like the elitists that they were. It was very punk rock.

Because of this, the ‘high end’ packages were eventually forced to make their stuff more affordable, putting 3D in the hands of even more people, and that has really been responsible for pushing the art form to greater levels. I think the whole 3D user community owes NewTek a big debt of gratitude.

06-06-2003, 06:23 AM
You forgot InfiniD, Strata Pro and FormZ :) BTW what's 'Henry'?? Awhile ago I saw a studio looking for a Henry Operator??