View Full Version : LW9 Prorder: Which serial number to register 9 ?

07-16-2006, 10:06 AM

by mistake I found that my LW9 has a "product serial":
it appeared when, due to dongle problem with 9, I took out the dongle and let the app run.A splash screen appeared, and in the lower left corner, a product serial was shown.
That was never shown when I run WITH the dongle, and my reseller did not give me that product serial (he actually just sent me, as preorder customer, the pure LW installation files), so its a happy accident I actually found my product serial at all.
Anyway, I registered LW before that accident, using the Vue-case-serial, but I already had used that to register my LW 8 when I purchased that bundle (LW8, Vue, 9-preorder) back then.
So, should I use the "product serial" from the 9 splash screen instead ?