View Full Version : Registration mixup

07-14-2006, 10:06 PM
Im not sure if anyone from Newtek can fix this before Monday? I have two seats of LW, and the automatic registration key that I received for LW9 was for the dongle on a different machine. The machine that I used for Beta9 is my primary machine with all of my 3rd party plugins. So to install LW9 with the dongle and key license I will have to switch dongles, plus reinstall 3rd party, plugins, plus reinstall LW8, LW7 since they are all tied to that dongle, I always keep older versions on the system. :bangwall: What I dont understand is why wasn't my key sent for that dongle that I have been using for the beta since Feb 14th :question:

I really dont want to do this is, and I really dont want to have to wait until Monday, I need to work this weekend. Does anyone know a solution. Or is anyone at Newtek working over the weekend that can fix this?