View Full Version : Script for making LW 9 Content Directories

07-14-2006, 04:06 PM
LW 9 has the ability to generate content directories as well as quickly open projects that are in properly formatted content directories. (i.e. no more searching around for objects that are right in front of LW's face.)

Here's an applescript that will set up properly formatted LW content directories without opening LW. I made this because I'm often collecting textures and models before I actually start a project. I also find it easier to set up a working project directory before I start doing the 3D work.

I've included the script as well as the application in case anyone need to modify it.

NOTE: I've added a couple of extra directories that keep renders organized and put some render passes sub-directories in the surfaces folder...those aren't created by LW but I find them useful.