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06-02-2003, 10:41 PM
the registration form at http://newtek.com/support/reg/lightwave.html is broken. Yopu get a cgi error message (looks like NT haven't paid their bills or somfin) This wouldn't be such a problem with any normal software, where you pays yr money, opens the box, and gits on with it. But no, NT have to be tricky, in case Al Qaeda get hold of a copy. Not only do you have to have the dongle, you have to register BEFORE you can do any work, providing the place where you bought the software, your cat's maiden name and a DNA sample. Ok you're trying to make it hard for pirates, but here's the news: you're just making it hard for customers. If you're going to require registration before you can use the product, your registration page has to be up and running 24/7 no ifs no buts.

And for all that security it took me less than 5 minutes to find a krack so that I can get some work done while I wait for your office to open. Fer chrissakes, I've got clients breathing down my neck. The app is great but the customer service is all over the shop like a madmans s..t.

06-03-2003, 08:29 AM
Did the software not start with a 14-day temp license? We're very aware that the registration process may take a little time, so the software creates a 14-day license that allows the user two weeks to get through the process, rather than making you wait for registration to complete before you can use the software. Did this not happen in your case?

We also offer several registration alternatives. You can use the web page, or email your registration info to [email protected] You can also register by telephone - 1-800-862-7837, or +1-210-370-8000. I would recommend that you email or call in this case, and I will have our web staff check on the online registration form. They may find it useful to know what platform, OS and what browser you were using, as sometimes errors can be limited to a very specific configuration.

06-03-2003, 04:47 PM
Originally posted by Chuck
Did the software not start with a 14-day temp license?

nup. just got a licence error dialog with the HW lock number and it runs in demo mode.

We also offer several registration alternatives. You can use the web page,
broken. I looked at the page using Safari on OS X.2.6 and IE on W98. Maybe it only works if you use an Amiga.

or email your registration info to [email protected] You can also register by telephone - 1-800-862-7837, or +1-210-370-8000.
great if you live in an obscure part of the world like Texas. But your office hours are from 1am to 9 am where I live. I emailed my details, but see nuttin in my inbox this morning. judging by the other Customer Service posts I've seen, I could be using the Krack for a few weeks.. Thank you, all you 1337 h4XoŽ5.

06-03-2003, 09:48 PM
heh heh, nowt like stirring the possum to get results: I got an email wi' codes from the Australian distributor today.

Still, I can't fathom why they need such ridiculous security measures, particularly in view of the fact that they don't even work. AFAICT if haxxors are going to pirate yr software they are going to, no matter what. Do what you can to prevent it, sure, but there's no need to make it so hard for legitimate users.

Thanks for your help, NT people.
I'm feeling much better now, Dave.

06-03-2003, 10:05 PM
I would have to agree on that, waiting to get a activation code does sometime make it stressful when keep getting that 14 day activation popup.

Newtek should implement the same technology that Microsoft has with their product activation. Auto Connect to site send install key get product activation code key back auto updates key file. Waste all of 2 min of user time. No internet, then you can use phone still only takes 5 min of time. The only think that sucks is if you forget to do the activation then it just locks your OS and a restall is needed. But you just deserve it if you can't take the time to activate the OS....Looks like I got off on a tangent, I'll stop rambling now.

Oh and also I did notice that sometimes on a new install the 14 day temp license is sometimes corrupt so it just goes to discovery edition. Another reason to use the Microsoft way.

06-04-2003, 03:14 AM
I've never heard of the temp license getting corrupted.

This security is implimented so you can't just give copies of Lightwave to your friends or install it on every computer in your studio without licenses. The dongle makes sure it can only be run on one machine, and the key code means people can't just steal your dongle and have the software working fne. And if they every try to upgrade your copy they'll get in alot of trouble.

A better way of getting this key is needed probably .. just type it in at a website and it gives you your code back, but I guess there's security reasons behind that. And having Lightwave locked to your hardware, the Microsoft way, is really stupid. The dongle method, although it seems stupid, is actually really good.

06-04-2003, 06:17 PM
I've never heard of the temp license getting corrupted.

from the email I got from the Australian distributor with my license key:

2- In some cases with G4 computers, the necessary file is not
generated during the install. When Modeler is run to check for Dongle
ID the requester will tell you that the unlock code could not be found

It didn't happen to you, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.