View Full Version : Animated lower 3rds and backgrounds

07-10-2006, 03:38 PM
I am wanting to use animated lower thrids with text in them as well as animated backgrounds with text on top. If I am understanding correctly, there is no way to have an animated background or lower 3rds in the CG, they have to be created as some kind of video file and played from the DDR, which is a royal pain when you need to be able to move quickly thru them.

The problem with this is when I want to create a full screen CG where the text is say a bullet list that comes in one at a time. Currently I create multiple CG pages and use the CG player and click thru them manually and it appears on the screen as if it is just one page with the text appearing one line at a time. I cant figure out a way to do this with a moving background. It needs to be controlled manually as I am in a live situation and am never sure how long there will be between points.

Any suggestions?

07-10-2006, 04:00 PM
You need to use the Switcher to overlay your CG onto your moving background.

Make your CG project, with the first page having whaterver information you want on to be showing before you start your bullet points.

Load a ten second looping motion background into a DDR, followed by your CG project (it will overlay page 1 of the project on the looping background) and play it, looping.

Load your CG project into the CG Player and bring up the first bullet point page. Choose CG as the source for the DSK.

Take, fade or DVE your DDR onto the main bus, then turn on the DSK to reveal the first bullet point. Advance through the bullet points with the arrow buttons on the CG Player.