View Full Version : does lw include the 3d arsenal logo/easein plugins?

07-08-2006, 12:23 PM
this is taken from the promom area of newtek for 3d arsenal:-

Additional Plug-ins for LightWave 3D are:


Easy Text - One pass 3D text creation tool. Allows user to use presets to determine bevel, extrusion, spacing and more. Allows user to save single logo, logo saved in lines or separate letters.
Logo Sizers - Automatically sizes logos to fit the pre-made content. Includes single sizer, line sizer, line sizer 2D and letter sizer.
Layerize - analyzes a layer, determines individual separate parts and cuts them all to their own layers.
Center Pivots - analyzes each layer and centers the pivot point of that layers object on the object.
Zero - Pivots - sets all objects pivot point back to 0.

Reset key - sets the current key to zero and deletes the current key
Move key - sets the current key to a user defined keyframe and deletes the current key
Create Ease Key - one button for creating keyframes that ease-in and ease-out.

i'd be amazed and gutted if these plugins are only available for 3d arsenal and not built into newtek's flagship 3d app lightwave 9

can someone comment please and clear up this issue?

are these in lightwave 9?

07-08-2006, 07:38 PM
Not at this time. 3D Arsenal is a separate product, and these plug-ins are a part of that product.

07-09-2006, 04:47 AM
that's a shame...

maybe a way forward would be to make a new option to purchase only the plugins and no content....

currently you can buy:-

1.3d arsenal [lightwave7.5, special plugins, special content]
2. just the plugins and content [scenes]

maybe adding the plugins only as an option would bring lightweave 9 upto the same capability as 3d arsenal in this important regard of fast production of 3d text...

a bit of history to explain myself too here...

i've been creating 3d illustrations for books [9 books so far] with 3dsmax 3.1 but as of next week the company i now work for will be purchasing lightwave 9 [8 plus free upgrade] for me to use to make thier illusrtrations as they could not budget for 3dsmax at this time...so i'm moving over my workflow from 3ds max to lightwave...my main stumbling block regarding fast production will be the constant creation of 3d text objects to label the various illustrations with dimensions and actions [sport science illusrtrations of excersices]...with my 3dsmax workflow i'd simply drill down to the text modifier and re edit the text the the extrusion and bevel above the text operator will update with new text..

with lightwave that's not possible and i'll be constantly creating new text objects with bevels and surfacing...this plugin would really help bring back my production upto speed rather than slowing the process down as i'd imagine it will be once the lightwave arrives and i move over all my max object lib over to a lightwave lib.

also seeing as 3d arsenal is not for sale over at newtek europe they didn't even have to option to buy that instead of lightwave 9

of course i'm thinking of myself!...i'd rather be more productive if possible!!

steve g

07-09-2006, 05:53 AM
Blimey... seems an odd decision not to add some plugins they have created into the LW9 bundle?!?

Just means more work for them if they are going to persue 3darsenal as a separate product COMPLETELY! I read about the 3d Arsenal thing and it seems a strange product to promote anyway. People can buy the full LW package and do nicer things with it. I suppose it's the fact that you get the built in scenes etc, but still, to me it seems an odd marketing choice. I reckon a version of cut down LW9 and called... ooohh, i don't know, Inspire or something, would have been better.

07-09-2006, 06:11 AM
Just for clarification, the plug-ins that are a part of 3D Arsenal were not developed by the LightWave Development Team for LightWave. They were developed by Don Ballance and Ralph Messana for 3D Arsenal.

07-09-2006, 06:15 AM
i don't have any issues with newtek creating a product that is much simpler for video editors to use...my only gripe is that lightwave 9 is not 'as capable' a program when you come to creating 3d text...be that for video or in my case illustrations...it just seems crazy that something as time consuming as re editing 3d text object for all the illustrations [100 illustrations ber book on average] we become a non-nessarsary pain in the *ss with lightwave 9
...and as unispriing as 3d text objects are i need to create load of them...maybe 5-8 per illustration....times that by 100 per book and i have 3 books to do....that's alot of 3d text objects!...usually with dimentions or excercise labels such as player 1, male, female and the drill they are doing...

the logo tool will help in lightwave and so with setting up a bevel...just to me we already have a solution that is more elegant...

shame we can't have 'live text'...i'll really miss that from the previous 9 books i made that in max 3.1....i could have a scene and quickly ammend it into a new illustration just by re editing the text by typing in new text and the extrusion and bevels automatically update...

no doubt this feature will find it's way into lightwave 9 at some time in the nrt future as we can use layout rather than modeler to CREATE objects..this would be an ideal candidate for that task.

07-09-2006, 06:18 AM
kurtis...ahh makes a bit more sense now!

looking forward to a 'live text object' with extrusion and bevels in layout with lightwave 9x

...could this be done?

07-09-2006, 06:20 AM
last question....

can a uk company buy 3d arsenal and have it shipped over to the uk?

we are about to buy lightwave9 from onevideo but if we could get 3d arsenal than i'd stop the purchase of lightwave9 and go get this instead as we only need to pose charcters not animate them...