View Full Version : Camera transform when parent stretched

06-02-2003, 04:34 PM

Dunno if this is the proper place to ask but I gotta start somewhere. I'm developing a 3D engine that can replay LW animations in "real-time".

My problem is regarding the view transformation in LW.

If a camera is attached to a parent object that is stretched, i.e. scaled by different amounts in x, y or z, my engine gives a stretched view. I have noticed that the wireframe camera along with its view volume in Layout is also affected by parent object stretching. But when rendering, the view is not affected by the stratching in the same way. LW seems to do some type of orthogonalization (or whatever it is called) to remove the stretching from the final view transformation, when rendering.

It seems my engine now renders exactly the same view as the wireframe camera view-volume in Layout shows. I've tried different things to get the same view as when rendering in LW but not succeeded.

What kind of "fix" does LW do on the view transformation?