View Full Version : UV exporting problems

07-07-2006, 02:59 AM

I've some troubles with exporting UV maps from Lightwave with my plugin. I have found that some objects made by our graphicians have badly mapped textures. I've checked that objects in lightwave and I've found that some of them have strange uv maps at each vertex, for example look at this simple quad uv maping (one texture UV pair per vertex):
vertex 1: u = 0, v = 1
vertex 2: u = 0, v = 1
vertex 3: u = 1, v = 1
vertex 4: u = 1, v = 1

of course texture in lightwave is displayed correctly and UV exported with my plugin looks identically when compared to lightwave and after displaying it in my engine texture is messed.

the same thing will happen when you export object with .3ds exporter and import that object, texture will be displayed badly in lightwave.


ps. sorry for my english :)