View Full Version : Poly selection random errors

07-04-2006, 12:03 PM
I'm finally surfacing my first complex model in LW, the SSR I modeled following Gerald Abraham's video (about 60K polys). As I go around in Modeler selecting polys to assign surfaces I get seemingly random additional polys selected. I'm picking in a shaded wireframe perspective viewport. These additional polys are not in the view at all (not even if in unshaded wireframe) and not associated with or built from the picked geometry.

For instance, picking a dashboard vent trim might also pick the right side door panel or polys of a rear fender (sometimes two additonal areas get co-picked)! I have to inspect the wireframe view in other windows and deselect these random polys before expanding to complete my selection.

Very annoying since I'm approaching 100 surfaces to define. I suppose another work-around would be to hide large areas but still annoying. I know I'm nearing the limits of my overall system since all Modeler selections are "slow." I already broke the model up into more layers so fewer polys are on-screen at a time.

Not every selection causes this but at least half my attempts do. If I pick different initial polys I get different additional error-polys! I searched but didn't spot a similar problem posted. Sorry if I missed an obvious post somewhere. Any thoughts? Is this an ATI video card OpenGL error or a LW software error?


07-04-2006, 07:46 PM
Yes this is a bug which I hope has been squashed with LW9 though you might confirm this with the beta guys.

07-04-2006, 10:33 PM
beta testers have confirmed that the bug no longer exists. however, time will really tell if this bug is squashed. i just discovered another way of reproducing this in subpatch mode. before, the trick to make the bug appear was to select the polygon with high degree of incidence from your perspective view. with subpatch turned on i find that the bug appears when i'm selecting a patch, whose poly version is highly non-planar at low incidence angles. heads up, people! :)