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07-04-2006, 09:04 AM
Keep the current modeling flow, but view each modelling step as a node in a window... Like a fusion system with modeling tools or animation tools

I create a polygon then a spline in a background layer and perform a Rail extrude. Oh but I want to extrude the same polygon along another spline...
I have to go back an copy the polygon and repeat the process, twice.
I create a polygon on layer 1 and a spline on layer 2 and 3
then switch to node view... drag a Rail Extrude tool and connect the Polygon node as foreground and spline 1 as background... then create an instance of the Rail Extrude ( if you want the same settings) and link the same polygon with spline 2.... Voilá....

I can then drag the polygon node to a floating viewport and see just the polygon and I can display the Rail Extrude node in my BL viewport. I modify the polygon in the floating viewport and the extruded geomety updates. There could be a problem... this would create new nodes, or maybe not... don't know)

anyway each tool is a node...

Of course you can still model like you have always done in LW but the history state is not linear, IT'S NODAL.... Imagine the possibilities...

This thread is an invitation to dream about the possibilities this feature would create.

07-06-2006, 10:10 PM
This is the same as the Relational modeling thread.

And to get a good idea of what possibilities open up, grab a copy of Houdini Apprentice and play around with it. Steep learning curve, but pretty cool.