View Full Version : help!...getting lw 9 and lwcad from newtek europe

06-30-2006, 12:01 PM
i bought the lw9 upgrade a while back [2nd june] and i now have the time to register and Download it and lwcad [free to upgraders]....

now then seeing as my 'shipment' consisted of a VUE double installer disc and a paper sticky label for lightwave's new serial number

what do i do next?
...do i register for lightwave 9 beta?
...do i register for pre lightwave 9 ?

where do i go to get the lw cad plugin?
..ive looked in the download area of newtek europe but it's not there...so must be somewhere else!



06-30-2006, 12:57 PM
Received my copy of Vue too along with LW serial number a couple of weeks back. The site seems to have changed.

Contact Newtek Europe - they're very helpful and should email you a LWCAD Activation number and a link to download LW CAD.

Unsure about the Beta myself. As for Lightwave 9 - still waiting on a disc arriving through the post in the near near future...

06-30-2006, 02:24 PM
Hehe, do a search on the forums, there was a lot of traffic about this :), but, IIRC I did this...

Used the LW serial number on my vue disc to register my upgrade, it is this serial which will allow you to get your LWCAD. It will also allow you access to the LW9 beta / download. Newtek Europe will send you a permanent key for this.

Don't forget to get a permanent lic for Vue as well as the one it comes with is only temporary, (from e-onsoftware).

Once you've requested to join the beta, you'll get a link where to d/load LW9 and a serial no. to go with it.
LWCAD activation follows from d/loading LWCAD but I can't recall the specifics.

I'd PM BeeVee myself, he da man on this stuff. :)

06-30-2006, 04:25 PM
Could have been a tad easier,couldn't it :)

Can't remember a single problem with dfx and UVPro with LW8.

Keep it simple Newtek :devil: :D :thumbsup:

06-30-2006, 05:25 PM
looks like the europe website needs a clean up...
i still have no idea 'where' i'd go to get lwcad downloaded from...
i'll have to email them and hope for a reply on monday/tuesday

the whole deal would be much better if there was an option to have a cdrom of lw9 sent out when it's due rather then a dl version as no doubt there will be loads of new scenes/models...

i'll see if i can get a disc version of lw9 rather than a download version...if the download is only a spartan 'program' only DL

as for lwcad...i hope to get some movement on that as soon as possible as i'd like to use it...

one extra thing is that 3d arsenal is NOT available over here...and i think it really should be as there's some good stuff in there like the logo plugin...which i will STRONGLY suggest SHOULD be in lightwave 9 and not in a lower older version of lightwave only........get it?

07-01-2006, 08:46 AM
*Bing Bong*

Paging BeeVee, paging BeeVee. BeeVee to the beige courtesy... er... keyboard.

Actually, I think he might be up to his armpits in his PC at the moment. I'm sure he'll be back online after Dr. Who though ;)