View Full Version : New Video Toaster [2]torials online now

Paul Lara
06-02-2003, 06:09 AM
In case you've not stopped by lately, there are a lot of new Video Toaster [2]torials to help you gain the most efficiency and power from your system.

The latest [2]torials include:
Creating film-look frame rates in Aura (http://www.newtek.com/products/videotoaster/tutorials/film-look/index.html)

Using a selective blur in ToasterEdit (http://www.newtek.com/products/videotoaster/tutorials/selective-blur/index.html)

ToasterScript Basics (http://www.newtek.com/products/videotoaster/tutorials/toasterscript-basics/index.html)

More are being posted every week at NewTek's Toaster [2]torial site (http://www.newtek.com/products/videotoaster/tutorials/index.html)