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06-23-2006, 04:28 AM
A new trailer of "Dark Resurrection" independent film inspired to "Star Wars" is on-line at http://www.darkresurrection.com/. Lightwave 8 and 9 are the main FX tools.

06-23-2006, 06:05 AM
I'm sorry but I have to ask. As hard as it is fund and finish a film, even a short. Why on earth do folks paint themselves into a corner where there is absolutely no chance of recouping so much as a penny?

I've seen beautiful fan films using Star Wars, Batman, Superman, you name it. But I just don't see the point. Half could actually change a title or insignia and lay as much claim to an original production as any Hollywood flick.

Your making free commercials for people that don't deserve it. A very nice one I might add. Add a spoiler to the Imp cruiser, give the droid a paint job and stop serving the Emperor;)

06-23-2006, 06:52 AM
hey just saw the trailer B and i loved it very much . you did a great work.:thumbsup:

as for fan films for no money i think they're a fantastic way to do exercise your direction abilities, sfx creation too, get visibility, and gather people sharing a common love for the same universe. It works!
its not because you make a fan movie that you aren't good making a movie.

06-23-2006, 06:53 AM
Highrender can certainly speak for himself, but perhaps their goal is to simply make something that they can be proud of and others can enjoy.

My monitor is pretty terrible, so the video was kinda dark for my tastes, but the portions in daylight looked really good! Quite an impressively large project for a fan film. Good work! Be sure to post updates ad they're ready.

06-23-2006, 08:32 AM
For us this is the first film, is very hard to launch us with an original production, and in Italy anybody like to spend one dollar for a science fiction production. Make a movie inspired to a world like Star Wars is the best way to involve people and his passion to work for without spend any money. For this film we have spent about 7000 $, is long 40 minutes, and we are about 3 persons to work in production and post production. Is a good chance for us making a movie like Dark Resurrection, because the story develops an element only pointed out by the Lucas saga. DR, beyond the FX side, is very emotional, I believe, and SW in only a way to tell a story and why not to realize one dream.

06-23-2006, 12:16 PM
HighRender well done, a true labor of love.

As to why people make these fan films. Once you get outside money people involved in a production you have lost a lot of your creative control, your story is no longer your own. This costs to much, is that really needed. Have to follow the latest formula that the last film used to make money, etc.

In order to truly tell your story you need to keep the passion and keep true to your vision, let the story tell itself. An independent film is the only way that allows you to do this. Art first, money if any last.

All the great artists over the centuries have never gotten rich off their art, they made enough to live day to day. They did it out of sheer need to put their vision to paper with all other outside influences a distant second, the art always comes first.

The beauty of the Sw universe is the many untold side stories that each of the films have. Wonder what got this fellow into this predicament, what was his week like before he was squashed like a bug? LOL


06-23-2006, 01:12 PM
You also have to remember that "Fan Films" have a built in audience. If you are going to put all that time/effort into making something, you might as well make something that a whole lot of people will watch simply because of the tie to a popular film. That is why Hollywood is making so many films based off existing properties, they know that at least the fans will go to the movie.

Besides, you never know who is watching. Maybe Grandpa George will catch wind of it and like what he sees. His endorsement of "Troopers" only served to make the film even more popular and I am certain that only helped the producers secure financing for thier next project. (If they were smart about it).

06-25-2006, 12:21 AM
Looks great!

06-25-2006, 02:45 AM
Hi all,

HighRender, You can tell that you all put in alot time, passion and creativity to get this done. Don't let anyone tell you to stop doing something you love to do..and to follow something that sparks your passion and creativity. I know at times we all get focused on making a living but there is much to said for following your own vision and thoughts...even if they are take offs from others concepts. Which for the most part we all do...rarely are we doing original ideas...but rethinking and reshaping existing ones. How many productions of the centuries have been made from Shakespeare's works... etc...

Well I wanted to mention a couple of thoughts thou..that in the future might be helpful to you..at least from your trailer...

1) One of the things that screams homemade is the quality of the audio...that is one of your weakest points IMHO... along with general lighting both FX and location.

2) you have done wonderful visuals and spent alot of time working the looks and emotions out...I can see all the color grading youve done to give it a style and feel unlike ANYTHING from SW...this is your own vision. but the scenes on the ship were too dark to see the actors and bring a sense of location and performance. There needed to be more contrasting light and shadow, IMHO...not just darkness.

3) with all the work you did on your CG locations...with their textures etc... They give away the CG.. due to them being TOO clean...and TOO perfect...there needed to be more smudging, dirt, not symetrical...etc...adding flaws thus giving it a better reality and scale. That and the lighting pushed it out of its reality for a viewer.

You didn't do anything really wrong...it just needed more touching up to take it to another level...You have done a great job...this info is just for future productions.

4) I would suggest looking at shooting with cameras that give you better LENSes and control of Depth of field....and to also render out with a matching Depth of field...this would also help you give a better since of reality and live action/CGI composite.

Again Congrates for doing all the you have done...very creative and well laid out. I wish that the subtitles were easier to read for us horrible english speakers...

Thanks for sharing you creative endevours...Keep it up !!!
Too many of us around here don't take such a huge step to do our own creative desires...Don't stop...whether it is for money or for yourself !!!!


07-06-2006, 12:08 PM
Here the trailer at full resolution: