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06-19-2006, 07:12 PM
As I mentioned in a previous post I have finally come up with several computers and would like to build a render farm. I got some info from another post, and also from NewTek on setting a farm up using ScreamerNet. We'll see what happens when I try that! But I would like to understand something very basic.
OK, my question. Which I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but here goes. My
understanding is, a render farm with SreamerNet will speedup rendering animation, by rendering a different frame on each computer. Does it also divide a still picture up between the computers and thus speedup the rendering time for that also, or will it only benefit the rendering of animation?

06-19-2006, 08:56 PM
the standard screamernet will only speed up the rendering of animation, since it distributes the whole scene to the computers, not a single frame.

however, some 3rd party network controllers might have split-frame features. i know that the DSTORM has a DivideScene plugin that will enable you to render one big frame out using multiple computers by spliting the the limited region and outputting individual scene files for render.

newtek (i.e. bob hood) used to develop a nice thing called slealthnet, which had this frame strip rendering feature. unfortunately, stealthnet has been discontinued for a long time now. pity. i wish it was made good for LW9 to capitalise on LW's biggest strength..