View Full Version : playback reverb

06-16-2006, 11:38 PM
I have audio for computer mapped thru the VT card.
Everything that plays (thru VT card but not in editor) like anims posted on discussion site, all have reverb on them, anything played from VT timeline is ok.
it's like a 1 sec delay in reverb so it is completely unlistenable.

Anything I should look for?

Lee U
06-17-2006, 06:34 AM
It sounds like a feed back through a recorder/player or something of that nature. I use to get that when I had firewire connected to my ag1000. Hope this helps. Lee

Jim Capillo
06-17-2006, 07:11 AM
You can also check your mixer (VT) to see if anything mapped is up that might be causing it.

Rich Deustachio
06-17-2006, 09:18 AM
If you have a firewire cables connected to VT box from the input source that will cause the problem.

06-17-2006, 09:31 AM
Nope, no firewire any where.

checked pref and saw nothing but I am new with 4.6 so I may have missed it, didn't do with VT2 software.