View Full Version : FBX, FBM, and UVs?

06-15-2006, 06:37 PM
I've successfully used Alias' "fbxlw80.p" plugin to export (via Layout) three models as FBX, with UV maps intact.

I enable all the export options except Animation, Cameras, and Lights, since I'm using none of those. I definitely always have Materials and Textures both enabled in the export options. In all three cases, a "fbm" folder was created with a redundant copy of my texture, but no harm done.

But my fourth model does not create that fbm folder, not even when I re-textured from scratch and tried again with all fresh files. And when I try to use the resulting FBX (I'm importing into the Unity game engine) there seems to be no UV info.

Because there is no fbm folder being exported, which I normally expect to see, I'd say the problem occurs in exporting the FBX, not in importing it into Unity. (Also, this model exports instantly to FBX, while the other three take several seconds--another symptom of not exporting UVs?)

What might I play with to try to get the FBX exporter to export textures? Is there something about how you do a texture that could cause a problem?

All four models have a single texture projected from the top, and I used Texture Guide to generate the maps in all four cases. There's really nothing I can think of that makes this fourth model special, except that it's the smallest (in polycount and texture size) of the four. I've checked for non-tripled or flipped polys, stray points, etc. and there's nothing odd in the model that I can detect. It imports into Unity just like the others, except they have UV mapping and this one doesn't.

Thanks for any leads or suggestions! (I'm using Lightwave 8 for Mac.)

06-18-2006, 10:15 PM
OK--I got a good FBX with UVs at last. For what it's worth, this is what helped:

The object was basically a cylinder on its side, and I was projecting the UV map straight down from the top to put a small emboss in the middle. Some some faces (like the ends) were vertical, and I guess the FBX exporter didn't like that. I created a textureless surface material for those vertical polys, and all was well in Unity.

But oddly enough, I notice that the cylinder's roundness also has a few perfectly vertical polys (4 tris) on its two sides. I never changed them, they're still UV mapped--yet they didn't seem to be a problem in FPX exporting.

Still, if I have a problem again, I'll look for polys perpendicular to the map when I use Texture Guide.