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06-15-2006, 02:44 AM
Hi L-wavers

As a user who has recently endured the transition from 7.5 to 8.5, ive been presented with several initial problems (no suprise there!).

One problem occurs when I import models to an existing scene. When parenting the newly imported models to a model that has been rescale/rotated and repositioned, only the rotation of the new models are effected ? Therefore, position and scale remain uneffected.

In the past, Ive been using this exact same method in 7.5 with no problem. It is only now, with 8.5 that it has gone belly up. Is there some preference/magic buttom Im not aware of ?

People, Im just getting this 8.5 thing n 9 is just around the corner! - Hamster Wheel or what !

06-15-2006, 07:38 AM
:stumped: I basically did the same step you did, and I haven't had any problems. I usually parent my objects using the scene editor. The alternative way that I think new to 8 is: Load your objects into Modeler, load the new objects as separate layers of the object. In the view tab go to layer settings and parent the layers in which ever order you want. When you reload this into Layout the layers will be parent, and will follow everything.

You are right about the hamester wheel - we will make it to 9 eventually

06-15-2006, 08:00 AM
It's probably worth checking in your Layout Options to see if Parent In Place is enabled or not.