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Knight Chat X
06-14-2006, 07:41 AM
Way back when the beta first opened for testing of Lightwave 9 anytime I filled out form to signup to test I got error's each time so I waited to try again, when I went back to try again and the link was no longer on page to signup it sucked. So now I find and download RC2 to test and find the basic import/export IO functionality is still not including DirectX File Format and many others. So I'm giving a reference link I come accross on many file formats here so maybe some of the developers actively working on Lightwave 9 can implement such functionality covering more file formats perhapes in the future:

DirectX Specifically Version 3.02:

Also, one thing I noticed about alot of exporters available right now for alot of graphics editors such as Gamespace and DelEd is that the output doesn't seem to be 100% consistant in that it varies.

I've attached some simple sample DirectX geometry ASCII files along with picture displaying the results and how they vary while rendering etc.... The version of the file format for DirectX I was working with was version 3.03, while alot of exporters I find use a modified version of 3.02.

Knight Chat X
06-15-2006, 03:31 AM
Looks like the DStorm X Exporter plugin still works, I got 1 funky error once about not being able to load a file but it went away second time I tried to export, even though the exporter says DirectX 7 and DirectX 8 and the 2 available plugin's are qouted as working with Lightwave 6.5/7.5/8.0, it works in LW 9.0 RC2, the DirectX file format does show as being version 3.03, and the one other minor thing I noticed is with the Export Templates feature unchecked it still dumps some templates:

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