View Full Version : Free Memory: 2147.5 M (RAM) + 0 K (page file)? Why 0 K??

06-13-2006, 09:10 PM
Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me out with what might be a very easy problem. I am rendering out images at 4500x9000 for posters. Usually in the statistics panel for layout it says
Free Memory: 2147.5 M (RAM) + 3000 M (page file)

I'm guessing on the 3000, but its in that range.

Now it says

Free Memory: 2147.5 M (RAM) + 0 K (page file)

My problem is when i render an image of my scene (which now has 9 polygons and a large image) it renders in like a 2 mins but lightwave reports out of memory when trying to use image saver.

I think the problem is due to the 0 K page file. I looked in windows settings and put the page file to 4096min and 4096max, it was 2048 min and 4096 max before. I also added a page file on my secondary harddrive of 2048min 2048max. Reboot, load LW and still 0 K pagefile. I deleted the config files and restarted LW. Still says 0 K page file.

Anyone have any ideas?
I hope I am not understanding something or missing some option that tells LW how much of the page file to use.

Ok I just tried some more stuff. I reinstalled LW, still says "Not enough memory for Image Processing" after the render is done. Still says + 0 K (page file). I also opened the .lws in notepad and got rid of a huge amount of plugin information that accumlated in there. I still can't seem to render out this scene. I tried even rendering it at 2700x4500 instead of 5400x9000. I think LW is just using all the ram up to render and then expecting to use the page file for Image Saver and it not being there screws it up.
I also did a search in the manual.pdf for "page file" it didn't find it at all.
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Benjamin Schweighart

06-14-2006, 01:51 AM
Not sure how the page file works anymore, its been so long. See if you can disable the page file, defrag your hard drive, then reenable the page file. I beleive it is suppose to be called a swap file though, but oh well.lol.
If I remember right the swap file can not be fragmented and will only be as large as the space given between other files.By defraging and enabling the swap file, that theretically should place it after all files giving it the remainder of the hard drive to work.
Sounds good, now if Microsoft didn't change it too much, thats the next question.:hey:

Lord Snarebotto
06-14-2006, 07:35 AM
Try using a much smaller page file, or none at all. I know it sounds odd, but try it.