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06-06-2006, 02:04 PM
We nearly all have a cgi job, some of us works in companies and some of us has companies, and work as a freelancer etc.

I really wonder what is the price and the workflow of a same job in different countries. I know this can never be measured exactly but i always feel that i really get much more less that i should have here.

And how does work reaches a 3d/cgi animator modeler etc. middlemen / ad companies/ prod companies.

A job goes out from the client to a ad comp > prod comp > "an agency"
the money decreases in each step and sometimes you have funny numbers.
I really wonder if this is like that only in my country in turkey.

06-06-2006, 03:49 PM
YOu can't just base it on earnings though. You have to factor in that the standard and cost of living is less/more expensive in different parts of the world as well, and that's not so easy to quanitfy, so even though someone is getting paid less in hard figures, he might be able to buy more with it in real terms than the next guy who is apparently getting paid more.

06-06-2006, 10:04 PM
Well said oDDity.

Also, I think it is different when you buy software in the US or some other countries that you can pay for it with one work, but in some other countries it takes some time to pay for it because dollar is too expensive.

06-07-2006, 01:48 AM
That's true about location and software prices. I bought the LW 9 upgrade in Europe for almost the same price as the full package in the US (I can't imagine how many hours that would take to pay off in some countries). And if you are doing freelance in a big expensive city (or country) your pay must reflect your high expences. If you are freelance and can attract work over the internet from other countries that are more expencive you have an advantage because you can bid lower.

06-07-2006, 03:13 AM
in that case I don't agree with oddity i think.
like if we have half income for each person in whole country and the lets say a macintosh computer is double the price(and it is) that makes us 4 times harder to buy a mac.

but that was not my question.
i really wondered if it is always the middlemen, ad companies which earn the big money and spend their %5 to 3d, or motion graphics whatever.
i witnessed a company here taking 120.000$ for an ad and paying my friend 7000$ although he did the whole job.

06-07-2006, 11:58 AM
That usually is that way. Those big advertising agencies charge a lot of money but they doesn't do anything, they pay someone else to do the work, and they pay very low. They got all the big money.

06-07-2006, 12:58 PM
dear jahn

i worked in istanbul for three years i feel ya man:) I really do. I may even tell you horror stories, one night director brought a footage it was so awful that they didnt even start to edit the thing. They were about to call the agency and gonna say "hey we screwed ..no commercial will be shown tomorrow"
I said go to sleep let me work on it, i played with Flame abit mainly after effects added many Lightwave renders. They came back from an orgy in the morning look at the thing ..they said "oh god" that "oh god" cost their client 250.000 dollars. Ok i did the job in one night. But i Didnt sell the job. I couldnt sell the job I was a worker at that night. I quit right away... It was my last night in that job. So if you handle that process you should go on. YOu will do the job but they will get the money. Come on mate they are making ...sensual meetings with clients..! and you are making sex with polygons. Of course you will get the money equal to your night friend:)

You have to read Ogilivy's book to understand inner dynamics of advertising business. It is NOT what you do, but it sure is how you sell. Who you know, how you present yourself which "sensual" team you are in... IT is not the work, it is who you are...

And It is totally different than any european or american market. After USC i was working in Hollywood as director assistant and he was making a stupid horror movie but at least 10 days we were preparing ourselves for a normal scene. Working on it. I have seen a director (i am sure you know the name) shooting 3 commercials with his 16 mm on his shoulder and getting 200.000 $ per project. So this kind of weird thing happens in Turkey i guess :)

And you know in a city where 99 percent of working 3d softwares are illegal you CANT deal with small teams, bigger teams are NOT selling the work but the machine. Let say for Turkish Broadcast Standarts you can do everything they want, with after effects, but as you know they DO it at least in Flame, some crazy guys are even going for Inferno. and they are making text animation with it for TV res. from inferno?. So it is not The work it is the machine is making money in a place not fairly developed in terms of visual commonsense.

So my advice to look outside, other countries where they dont have good visual sense but more money. So many friends of mine totally working for outside...Because of the enormous tax advantages you can make pretty good money even in Turkey working for other countries. Trust me they pay if you deliver on time and as promised.

Sorry it is taking a bit long but make yourself a business plan and set your goals. If you wanna build your empire it is gonna take time :) If you wanna work for any big effects house in europe or america and get decent income focus on your talents and bleed till you will be the best...What kind of life you want? what kind of people you want to give your service? At the end you are the one who will decide how much you gonna earn. Not anyone else.
If you have a small company as i said earlier go and find the gold mines outside from your own country. Where people ready to pay and doesnt know anything about radiosity:)