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06-02-2006, 11:34 PM
The Western Colorado Center for the Arts, in Colorado, is considering doing a major Computer Graphics and Illustration show for their 10th Annual Contemporary Juried/Invited Art Exhibit. The Art Center hosted a ceramic juried/invited contemporary art exhibit this year, which included some of the most well known international and national ceramic artists and was featured in national publications.

HOW THE SHOW WORKS -- A juror is chosen to create the theme or concept for the show and is asked to invite up to 15 or twenty other highly recognizable artists in their field to exhibit in the show. They then hand select the rest of the works from a juried submission for the show. This is a gallery venue and all accepted artwork MUST be framed and matted to the fine art professional standards and MUST be of a limited print edition.

As of this post the show is still being considered and we would like your feedback on who would be a fantastic juror for this new and amazing concept show.

Criteria for the juror would include: An artist with a long-running career in the field that is well respected among their contemporaries. The juror would be responsible for carrying out a workshop in collaboration with the show. The Art Center would require the juror provide local and regional graphic artists with an opportunity for a two day intensive workshop. The Art Center does not have the have a computer lab, so this it would be a Bring Your Own Computer hands-on, tutorial workshop.

At this point we really need to hear from you, all the graphic artists out there, about the interest in submitting to a show like this and your ideas for a juror or any general comments or questions regarding the exhibit and venue.

This is a fine art exhibit and a chance for our artform to be displayed as fine art!

Ryan Watkins
email [email protected]

06-20-2006, 09:48 AM
Just a update to get more interest in this show. The board at the Art Center is very excited about doing the show, but we really need to hear from the commuinty about your interest.
Please post any comments about doing a exibit of computer gerated artwork.