View Full Version : Need Screen Shots for User Guides!!

06-01-2006, 09:39 PM
From this thread (http://www.newtek.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49933).

(I tried to take it over : sorry )

Any chance on getting these?


Thanks, Paul - I would like (for a start):

main Admin Screen
Keyer Tab
Record/Stream Tab
Camera Control Tab

I know I'm just one voice, but it would be better if we could save them ourselves, that way we can partially fill in stuff, hit PrtScr, fill in more stuff, hit PrtScr, standard stuff for tute development. Maybe you guys can add PrtScr code back in but trap the key and save the current screen into the PicturesFolder with a unique serial number (e.g., PrtScr0001.jpg) or something. We could them grab them out of the TC on a memory stick or something and edit in PS/PSP.

To start, though - please forward as quick as possible. My crew is hurting for instructions other than verbal and napkins. I'd prefer (if possible), to have most of the fields in the Tab to be nearly empty (for example, the VCR Play List with only one or two videos/pictures). I'd prefer the transitions to be nearly empty (except for Xfade). This will be a pain, probably, so if there is a short-cut to allow the PrtScr to work - let me know!

Of course, it might be easier for you to just do them all (instead of just the few I want today) and make a little .zip file for us to grab off your website.