View Full Version : Vue 5 xStream for Lightwave Pre-Release Annoucement

05-31-2006, 12:13 AM
Finally, the xStream plugin for Lightwave will soon be out. I guess those who bought took advantage of the LW9 + Vue offer will appreciate this news. :D

Look here:

05-31-2006, 02:39 PM
yeah Im really looking foward to this one! Im just glad is coming out sooner than I thought it would.

05-31-2006, 04:32 PM
I've really been looking forward to the plug-in for a very long time, BUT I think that it would be best to wait a bit to see the public's response first before you invest 500 bucks.
Don't get me wrong, I love Vue 5 Infinite, but I was contacted between 1 1/2 to 2 months ago to join the beta team ( for which I didn't have time for and declined ) to test the xStream plug-in for Lightwave.
That's not very much time considering version 9 isn't even officially released yet and the xStream plug-in is only a pre-release. If you scan their forums, you'll find a lot of disgruntled people who own Vue 5 and other versions because they feel left behind for reasons of lack of bug fixes, updates, and further developement of their existing software.
I think honestly that it may be because e-on has way too many irons in the fire to keep track of with trying to incorporate their software into many of the top modeling packages rather than impoving or advancing their existing stand-alone software. At least that's the impression I get from their forums. It's really not good practice to disenfranchise your base support.

I still plan on getting the plug-in, but I just think it would be wise to wait a bit to see how things go with bugs, support, responsiveness of e-on, and general oppinions and responses of thier software owners.

05-31-2006, 05:02 PM
I would love to eventually get the plugin. But the license deal I am not totally sure about. It sounds like you pay for the program plus the license fee, which would add up to over $800.00 US.
I could see adding a fee for a floating license, but not a node locked license. Also the number of rendering program you have should be irrelavent. To me it just sounds like they are trying to get cash where ever they can instead of trying to increase their userbase, which if they can keep happy (point release updates for free) then they will have returning customers who will be more than glad to pay for the next full upgrade.

05-31-2006, 05:48 PM
xStream is cool:thumbsup: , but to me, VUE 6 need to have big improvement on render speed really:thumbsdow , otherwise xStream just no much help...