View Full Version : Wes McDermott Reviews After Effects 7 Professional

05-28-2006, 12:10 AM
Wes McDermott but together an amazing 10 page review of Adobe After Effects Pro 7. He covers new features like 32 bit support and color management, the new graph editor, and the improved animation presets bridge.

Check it out here, http://www.cgfocus.com/article/story/335

05-28-2006, 03:50 AM
afx 7 has some serious buffering issues driving me crazy

05-28-2006, 09:02 PM
i still prefer combustion!...i may have alook though...just to see what's new!

05-29-2006, 01:27 AM
Looks very, very, good. I've been waiting for HDR-support and those UI-improvements for ages... AE's old UI was one of the main reasons for me to buy a bigger monitor - and even 1920x1200-resolution usually feels awkward with it. New graph editor seems nice and familiar also. :)