View Full Version : Open Beta Status Update - 5/26/06

05-26-2006, 10:32 AM
NewTek is pleased to announce a milestone for LightWave v9. We have just delivered the twelfth and final build in the "Open Beta" series designation to our Open Beta Group, and the next build they receive will be in the Release Candidate series. LightWave v9 is feature complete and optimizations and final fixes are in progress.

In conjunction with this milestone, we are also pleased to announce that concurrent with OB 12 and for the RC builds, our Open Beta Participants are now free to publicly discuss LightWave v9 (please note the Open Beta sections will still be private, as we still need to work with the Open Beta group for testing there, and will be reserving the sections for future use, as Open Beta programs will now be standard practice).

If you look around the forum you will see new sections devoted to LightWave v9, including a general discussion area and a Gallery in the LW Community group, sections for ACT and Node Editor in the Techniques Group, and for Node Development in the Development group. If you have questions, you now have a place to post them, and our Open Beta participants may now answer them.

We feel that the new features of LightWave v9 make this one of the biggest advancements in LightWave ever, and that with the commencement of the RC series, now is the time to share the excitement with the community at large.