View Full Version : TriCaster switcher warning for Impending change to iVGA "Privacy" Mode

05-23-2006, 01:08 PM
There is little likelihood for there to be communication between the presenter/operator of the iVGA client computer, and the TriCaster operator when it comes to presetting and changing switcher outputs. Currently, the iVGA output just changes when Privacy mode is selected on the client, VGA output computer.

I request that the change be delayed for about three beats (second and a half) or two, or three seconds before it occurs; during which time a warning is transmitted to the TriCaster GUI that the change is about to happen. A lack of the "P" on the iVGA video screen in the tray, until the actual switch to Privacy, would provide the same for the presenter/operator of the client computer.

This would provide the TriCaster operator time to switch to a different source before the VGA Output switched to black (see other Feature Request).

I am thinking of something like showing "“Privacy Mode” in Large Flashing red letters in the VGA monitor. That, would certainly do the trick, if they could just precede the actual switch to privacy by a couple of seconds. That stopping would also be a great alert that iVGA was back, and ready.

The delay reason should be an easy concept to convey to the presenter/operator of the client computer running iVGA.

Nes Gurley