View Full Version : IKB, how to save the closed fist?

05-19-2006, 07:07 PM

From frames say, 10-30, I create the perfect closing/closed fist with IKB.
How do I save this "closed fist (for e.g.)" sequence, and then reload it at another point?

The "closed fist" that I saved, can it be reversed and saved as "fist opening (for e.g.)" so that it goes from closed to open again?


05-19-2006, 08:46 PM
it's pretty simple.

Set ik booster mode to parent+child.
(This is found near the left side of the timeline when IKB is active)
Select the top hand bone near the wrist.
right click and pick motion option then motion save.

finally define the in and out point of the animation you want saved.

When you want to reuse that motion just repeat and pick motion load.

To reverse the animation you will need to do the that yourself.
Then repeat the motion save proccess.

05-19-2006, 08:57 PM
Go to the frame where the fist is closed
Change the keyframe mode to CHILD
Select the root node of the hand (the wrist for example).
Right click on the same node and select Save Pose (Give the pose a name)
Go to the frame where you want to reuse that pose.
Use the Load Pose command to apply the pose at that frame.
Do the same for the open hand pose.

Another way is to go to frame 30 (complete fist pose)
Use the RMB to highlight over frame 30 in the IKBoost track
Select Copy keys in the pop up menu. It will ask you which frame(s) to copy.
Tell it start frame 30, end frame 30 (though if you have a few frames overlapping it usually wont matter).
Then tell it which frames to copy to.
Make sure again that youre in Child Mode.

Its also easy to use a selection set in Layout to multiselect the finger bones and rotate them additively in LWs rotation mode (y hot key).
Its also easy to switch back to IK Mode using Ctrl + b. If you rotate the fingers this way make sure you select the wrist node (in IKB mode)
and hit the enter key to create a Key for the wrist on down (assuming youre in CHILD Keyframe Mode) to the fingers.

05-20-2006, 03:37 AM
You could always do both of these with any FK animated Bones in the Graph Editor by copy-draggin keys up the timeline.

As the guys say, IKB makes this easier alright, by giving you option to save and load motions, in the case of repeating the motion.

And with the option to save and load poses in the case of reversing the motion.

However, I think it would be a good very Feature Request to allow the option of reversing motions while loading them, it would save some steps and would allow complex parts of animations to be reversed quickly, which could be very useful.

(Castius, is steelronin.com down?)