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05-27-2003, 11:33 PM
Hey...i just purchased Motion Builder and all I can say is that I don't think i'll be animating or posing my characters in LightWave anymore.

NewTek really needs to get on the ball and make LightWave's animation playback speed REALTIME!


I was playing realtime animations in Motion Builder on a crappy P3450 with 1gbRAM @ 30fps without a hic-up.

Please take a look at what MotionBuilder is offering...or at least what Messiah is offering and give us this type of feedback.


we also need easier rigging tools. I'm not a technician nor do I have the patience to build a rig from scratch, nor do I want to use ACS4 or TSM because the feedback of animation in Layout is horrendously slow (even on a dual athlon 2100 with 2gb ram).

So give us this speed and performance and easy setup...or more users will move over to MotionBuilder for all their character animating.

NOTE: MotionBuilder is available in the June2003 edition of DIGIT magazine. All of you interested in what the fuss is about, be sure to contact your local Barnes & Noble to find out when it hits the shelves.


05-28-2003, 12:47 AM
hi policarpo ,

I agree about most of your comments, specialy on the need to have some serious character animation tools.
I'm an old filmbox user (i started with 2.5) & sometimes a messiah user.

Those apps are both a source of inspiration for character animation tools i'd say.(moreover, motion builder is really becoming a standard)

Their way to handle ik, bones, and small details (like messiah global mirror & auto renaming of bones & expressions ...) are really good.

I'm not a real messiah veteran, but i'm used to kaydara products.
And i can tell you Mb still got some serious problems to solve too.
(specially if you're not 100% ok with their human structure & constraints :p )
But a lots of options are worth looking at.
Ergonomy is quite weird too, specially with complex projects.
The import / export sometimes as a 'norman bates' side too :D
A Subd support would be cool too in fact .

Another big weak point is still the rigidity of a 'pre-choosen character setup'. having a static prepared setup is cool, if it fits your need, if not, heavy troubles ahead...

I'm doing some keyframing & a lot of mocap, and i still need to build a rig designed for lw animation (proxys, expressions, controllers & ik) , and a Mb rig (simple kaydara compatible version in structure & names) to be able to 'characterize' the model.

Best would be to have a biped preset, but with the ability to add custom model with custom rig & controls.

About autoriggers : I got nothing against tsm or acs 4 too (they really try to solve a real lw problem), but in most case, i like to know how exactly my character was rigged.I think its more a 'script-trick' than some real character animation solution.

05-28-2003, 12:57 AM
Yeah...all this character animation stuff is new to me. It's my next evolution. I just want to load a rig and start animating without worrying about speed and such. My guess is that after I get comfortable with animating I'll start exploring the art of rigging...but going from something that's REALTIME to sluggish is probably going to keep me using MB for the long haul as i hone my skills.

have a look at some of these great animations done with MotionBuilder. I know a seasoned LightWave animator could do this natively, but I'm guessing that this MotionBuilder animator can do it quicker and better because of MB's highly responsive nature.

look for the movies that say motion builder in their subject fields.

05-28-2003, 02:51 AM
Take a look:
LightWave 3DŽ [8] at SIGGRAPH 2003
"Development for this release of LightWaveŽ will focus on workflow and user interface improvements. In addition, LightWave [8] will include enhancements to character animation tools and game development tools, as well as improved integration with other production tools and with 3rd party add-ons."


05-29-2003, 12:21 AM

here's something i did in a matter of minutes using Motion Builder...i was previewing the animation @ 30fps on a P3 450. :)