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05-16-2006, 12:41 AM
Hi All,

I am currently animating an aircraft which includes flaps, airbrake, spoilers, elevator, undercarriage etc. I can set up a new endomorph in modeller ok and am not using sub-division surfaces at all (therefore have not changed sub-division order from the preset value). All the Maps look fine in modeller and transfer to layout perfectly. However, if for example I hook up the morph-mixer for say the elevator, when I move the slider to its ectremmes of 100%, the elevator distorts, as if the scale and/or pivot is changing. It obviously looks fine at or around the 0% point but distorts outside of this. When modelling, I did not change the scale of the piece as all I want is rotation. I also tried it on a standard cube and the effect is the same. I am sure I am doing things in the correct order as I have been through it line by line from several reference books. I have done this successfully in the past but cannot now understand what is going wrong.

Any ideas?


05-16-2006, 06:34 AM
The thing with morphs is that the points move in a straight line so it's quite difficult to create rotating motions with them- they'll always take the most direct route between 'poses'. I remember seeing a tutorial on how to get around this to some extent- I think it was Splinegods site.

One other way is to use weightmaps and bones to rotate the points- assign a weightmap to the rotating points and use the bone as a pivot point to rotate them around.

05-16-2006, 08:31 AM
Thanks Wonderpup - that seems to make sense now. For small rotations on small objects it does not show any noticeable distortion - the opposite applies of course!!

I have not got into bones yet so I may have to stick with manual keyframing for the moment. Thanks for the advice.


05-19-2006, 09:22 AM
Hello nigebabe,

My name is THREEL, and I have a question about your aircraft. Is it all one object, or are the flaps, landing gear?, etc... separate from the fuselage. If everything is all one object you are bound to get some distortion when using Endomorphs. One of the best ways I can think to go about this is to have each of the non-fuselage parts of the aircraft in its own layer in your overall model. What you do from there, in modeler, is change the pivot point to where you want it to be for rotation purposes. When you bring these layers into layout they should come in at X:0,Y:0,Z:0, should that is. I suggest bringing them in one at a time, after the fuselage. Then you just move each part to the location you moved the pivot point to, when you changed it in modeler. Finally, you just parent in place each part to the fuselage or a null object that represents the pivot point for the fuselage, parenting the fuselage to the null object as well, and you should be able to rotate everything where you want.

Hope this helps!:D THREEL