View Full Version : Help me by a new graphics card

02-17-2003, 02:36 PM
I have a dual 500Mhz ATI Rage Pro graphics card, and was thinking of upgrading.
Unfortunately, I don’t know which card to buy. Hell, I don’t even know if upgrading is worth it. The people on this board seam knowledgeable so I figured I would ask here before I went shopping.

Given I have a limited budget:
* Is buying a new card worth the money?
* Which graphics card should I buy?
* Any suggestions on where to get it?
* How much will it cost me?


02-17-2003, 02:50 PM
The Dual 500 is an AGP compatible computer, which is the good news. The bad news is there really isn't an AMAZING card for you to buy. If you want performance increases, you should first look to upgrading in this order:

1) RAM: Maximize your RAM to 1.5 GB. I recommend Crucial for the best price/performance/compatibility:

2) Graphics: with only a 16MB card, you are really pushing the bottom of the list for performance, even in basic Mac OS X (ignoring 3D). I can't say that any card is going to be a significant improvement, but the Radeon 8500 is the best price/performance upgrade in this category. The rumors about the 9700 being an amazing card are just that -- rumors. Excellent performance on Windows does not equate to excellent performance on the Mac. The Radeon 8500 can be had for about $195 or so

3) Processor: the Dual 500 is a solid processor, and until a reputable company comes out with at least a dual 800 processor upgrade, I wouldn't touch this, because the best single processor out there now (1.2 GHz) isn't a big enough jump in speed to justify the cost. Powerlogix makes some dual processor upgrades now, but there have been a number of complaints about them at macintouch.com news -- buy this brand at your own risk.