View Full Version : Old Film Effect in vt4

Seti Orion
05-13-2006, 01:08 AM

I saw this in the lightwave forum and someone in the thread
showed something they did with some other program that looked like
old vintage video.

I loved it!

How can we do something like that with VT 4?

05-13-2006, 02:45 AM
If you can follow the 2.5D prop instructions for LightWave from the indirectly referenced tutorial DVD, or from anticipating those instructions, then you can do this with the VT suite already.

You'd harness it for a repeatable effort by using LWConnect from toastergarage.com (available through most of the best dealers). There may be some pre-made LW scenes that you can access to have this simply fall into place.

Otherwise I would be tempted to use a wrapped project (AVI), using Paul Lara's nomenclature, to "round-trip" your project through another tool dedicated to this vintage-film ambition. I haven't seen a pre-made DVE of this type, but again, this might be viable given the right length of DVE and the right length of clip/s you need to apply this to.

Using LightWave for what is essentially a 2.5D clip effect "filter" is a remarkable concept for those wanting to can effects of their own type. Rather a stunted use of LightWave but one that isn't to be scoffed at.