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05-08-2006, 01:21 PM
I bought a 3D boxx 5 months ago( dual opterons, 2gigs ram, fire gl 5000) and I still am unable to use it.
Here's what has happened. When I first got the computer I plugged it in and logged onto the web went to CG talk and it froze up. Tried a different browser same thing. Called up Boxx they said send it back they would check it out. It came back they said it had no problems. Hooked it up and experienced the same thing. Called up Boxx again they said that they would send me a new video card. Put it in and got the same problems.
Figured maybe I'll just try working with it and see what happens. I loaded up Lightwave, Modo, and Adobe CS2 design bundle. After the first launch of each adobe app it froze. I never could get into the applications with out them freezing up.Called up Boxx and they said send it back again. They said the problem now was CS2 there was a known bug with CS2 and there were no patches sorry there's nothing that they can do I'd have to wait until CS3 and then that would eliminate my problems. I've e-mailed asking for specifics on the problem wether it was specific to fire gl cards, opterons etc. No response. This has kind of been my experience with them. They don't respond to me until I get pissy and then they say oh sorry we are short handed and real busy and then have me send it back or give some BS. My question is has anybody else experienced anything like this? If so how can I fix it. It really sucks to have a $3000 paper weight sitting in my studio. Thanks.

05-08-2006, 03:00 PM
well it sounds odd....I mean about a bazillion people use CS2, and if there were a hardware problem, you'd think they'd be all over it. Dual opterons are a fairly common configuration.

I think you're having some kind of internet/network problem. All of the 'freezes' are related to internet access (adobe apps go check at adobe).

Might check network connections....I personally don't like the network bridge, so you might unbridge them.

Also might be a case of the network card not communicating across your network very well. You could try slowing it down.

Go to device manager and select network adaptor. Select the network card device that you use to connect to the internet. Select the advanced tab. On the left, select Link speed/ duplex mode. On the right, try 10mb/full duplex. See if that helps.

You might try demanding a refund and seeing if they can get it fixed instead of giving you $3000 back.

05-08-2006, 03:29 PM
Thanks. My thoughts exactly about CS2. How could Adobe let that one go?I'll give the network stuff a try. Hopefully that's it.

05-09-2006, 09:30 AM
can you unplug form the internet and check if everything works that way. At least you can narrow it down to a network problem.