View Full Version : Wish List for tricaster

05-06-2006, 11:26 PM
- User Defined Names for Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3
(would help in switching)
- 16/9 Support
- Other transitions besides dissolves for overlays
- More user friendly "keyer" for live switching situations
(expanded functionally could allow, VCR clips to be used for animated overlays)...or at least support alpha channels
- Force Transitions to complete when auto switching, (there are situations where if your are mid-transition and you hit the button again you get locked in the middle of a transition)
- sharpening on the Video inputs
- smoother video support for ivga

- Here's a biggy, I don't think the hardware would support it but: When recording to the hard drive, add an option that could be turned on or off, that would allow some type of file to be generated that tracks the Overlays and timing of the overlays used. Perhaps an option to write the AVI file without the overlays embedded in it. Then by importing this file and the AVI file generated from the live show into the editor you could merge the two and manipulate the overlays.....(situation is a live event and you pull the wrong overlay...now in post production you have to be clever to blot out the mistakes you've made in titling someone.....if it was not embedded in the AVI file but was timecoded to a text file or something that could be imported into the editor and then the (2) -overlays and video, merged together in post production it would add a lot of flexability.......just a thought.