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05-04-2006, 05:07 PM
Hey Lightwavers!
We are looking for some unique individuals, that are living animation.:D
Yes thats right, we are seeking the ones up all night for days drinkin redbull and popping chitos, those who are addicted to their Lightwave, those who eat sleep and breathe it. :hey:
(Ralph and Don were busy):argue:

The Project is www.animation.ca
#1 You must Live in Canada
#2 you must have Lightwave
#3 you must have style
#4 you must have a demo (site, CD, dvd, we dont care...)
#5 you must have web experience

A core staff will be put together to develop this portal.
It will be for assisting the animation community in Canada
for animators to get work, and for studios to find animators.

email links to resumes to [email protected]
discretion assured