View Full Version : AI implant. over other plug features.

05-26-2003, 10:20 AM
Although there is a great discusion about which feature should be released with L8. I should point out that alot of the feature requestes are already available in the form of 3rd party plug's already.
eamples--> fluid simluation we have from next limit as Real flow, and real wave.
fur we have from worley, sasquach. autocharacter we have. the setup machine and acs4. Rigid body dynamics we have from dynamic Realities... The future of Character animation is in AI.. such a powerful plug or better yet built-in feature would not only break the character animation choke hold that the other higher priced software packages have over Lightwave. XSI with behavior, and Maya with AI implant, and massive...
We can also already paint on objects. Aura 2.5b, and deep paint, and body paint.. Lightwave's future depends on leading edge technology being included, AI implant or some similar would be a huge boast. that the whole industry would have to take a second look at. even if the package is raised to 2,500 with AI intelegents, it would be worth the price..