View Full Version : TrueLoad v1.0 - the new impressive video, animatable colorful OpenGL preview!

04-29-2006, 06:13 AM

We would like to present you the new impressive demo video of TrueLoad v1.0..

You can download it directly by clicking:

Or going to TrueLoad web-site:

New features presented in this video:

Animate - turns on/off animating camera that displays pre-loaded scenes, objects, layers, surfaces or parts.. Therefore you see them from the all sides without touching scrollers and it looks pretty cool.. Older LightWavers probably remember LW v3.0 AmigaOS version that had similar preview mode..

Surface coloring - previewed elements have properly set colors to values set in Surface Editor..

Grid - complete set of settings related to showing grid..

Double Side - after restricting display to just surface or part of object it's easy to get lost due to single-side polygons and see nothing.. Thanks to this option now you will see where exactly are hidden polygons.. Very useful for previewing game maps that usually don't have double-sided polygons..