View Full Version : HELP! Lightwave 8.5 Render Crashes

04-27-2006, 02:33 AM
Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but I'm a new LightWave user and recently purchased 8.5 and installed it on a brand new Macintosh G5 Quad with 4.5Gb RAM, Nvidia Quadro FX4500 graphics board (512Mb). When I try and render some of the Content material that comes on the 'extras' CDs - Lightwave just bombs out. Then 'sometimes' after reloading Lightwave and the content scene I try and render again and it does it fine. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the FX4500 why I am experiencing such an unstable rendering environment within Lightwave ... although that would also surprise me because the Quadro FX4500 is an exceptional card.
I also experience a crash every time with the Preview function. It makes teh preview fine but when I hit 'End Preview' ... boom ... Lightwave crashes out. I notified Tech Support and they say that it's a bug on the mac. :-(
Any suggestions or settings I could try to resolve either of these problems would be immensely appreciated!
2 x Mac G5 Quad, 16Gb RAM, Quadro FX4500