View Full Version : again I need to export to AE.

04-25-2006, 10:01 AM
once again here I am trying to export to AE, using broken plugings and banging my head against the desk.

PLEASE NEWTEK PLEASE......... I need to use more than just your app to make graphics,


04-25-2006, 12:05 PM
Amen to that!

I'm surprised that Lightwave and AE don't have a much closer relationship, given the dominance of AE in many of the shops that use Lightwave.

I think of AE as the hub of my operation and Lightwave is one of the feeder apps that connect to that hub. Given the improvements with regard to Z-Brush in Lightwave 9, I just don't get why integration with such a major compositing application has never been a priority. Currently, if you ask on the After Effects lists what is the 3D app of choice (and this question is asked often), the answer is C4D. Lightwave doesn't usually even come up as a suggestion. This is because Maxon has made integration with AE a priority, and this has translated into sales among motion graphics people.

After Effects is like Lightwave in the sense that, although nobody is making big public announcements about it, It is present everywhere in the world of television. I am doing a show right now where Zoic is doing the visual effects, and there is some overlap between their work and mine. I offered them an After Effects comp of something I had done yesterday and they didn't ask me if they could have it as a fusion or shake or DFX file. There was no "Can we have it more expensive please" After Effects is part of the common language of VFX and motion graphics, and Lightwave should recognize that and play nice.... play very, very nice.


04-25-2006, 12:40 PM
I've had really good luck exporting cameras, nulls and pos/rot data from LW to AE using Transmotion Utility pack. It's abilities more than justify it's price in my opinion. I agree that a better, more integrated way would be preferable though.


04-25-2006, 03:15 PM
Yeah i agree....

Al's scripts are mandatory if you do compositing with LW and AFX.
Lightwave needs to integrate them into LW9.x or improve these capabilites.

Digital Fusion opens LW .lws and read camera .mot files...
Afx7 now included Maya and Max Camera information, but not LW...

I really would of thought having a good multipass renderoutput, with a bridge
to compositing applications... Would be an absolutely necessary item in 2006.
Look at Maxon's C4D's Exporter for ideas, as it's fantastic.

As for connecting to the HUB, yeah considering that a Public Hub API
was listed on the LW8.x, and was never released...
Means not even a third party could connect to the hub....
So not only does NT not do anything, they've made it hard for others to too..

It really is likely the stupidest shortcoming NT and LW could make.
You would really think that Null Edit Mode could take a back seat,
to a good AFX import/export.

I'm Jealous of Maxon users lately.... Hair, MoGraph, AEExport/Multipass.

04-26-2006, 05:49 AM
I too am an After Effects user. In fact I was using that exclusively before I entered this wonderful 3D world in LW. But so far I thought that the only way we can add AE in scenes is only AFTER the scene in LW is rendered, and then play with it and adding some effects to is in AE.
I mean do seperate renders for characters and for environment so you can cover the in betweens or so.

I dont get much what you say above. Are you saying that you can use AE during animation in LW? How so?