View Full Version : NAB Wazzzz Up???

04-23-2006, 03:09 PM
Here I am in my room at the Excalibur. Awaiting the NewTek party tonight!

This time, what happens in Vegas WON'T stay in Vegas. I'll be doing my part to spread the word about SPEED EDIT!
Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight and at the show.

Randall Chesbro
04-23-2006, 03:55 PM
I thought They were coming out with VT5 also? In the VT tv streaming notes there only showing speed edit, tricaster. and LW. Is that right?

04-24-2006, 01:31 AM
Great party, lots of news, gotta go.

Eric Pratt
04-24-2006, 11:28 AM
It was great seeing everyone last night, I was really touched that everyone showed up for my birthday party.

04-26-2006, 01:58 AM
Kinda my closing since I'm flying out tomorrow night after the show.
Awesome information this year at NAB. I feel for anyone who couldn't make it.

"HD" was tagged to products having nothing to do with HD????? How do you call a tripod "HD"???

Today, (Tuesday), was far busier to me. The dots are getting pretty well connected for HD!

"RED" was a dissapointment to me. But they had the most buz on Monday, (didn't see today). I know of at least 3 people who put a deposite of $1,000.00 to get a early serial number for release...next year. So there is a cult following and it will be exciting to see how and if it shakes the industry.

NO...I didn't buy my HVX from the craps table winnings. :thumbsdow But I didn't have much time to loose too much either! :thumbsup:

The HVX was the buzz at tripod, lighting and various booths on display. Some times it took from the product it was demonstrating. Great bunch of users though. Made me feel MUCH better about our decision.
I bought the Varizoom but most final decisions will be after doing much more homework.

Lot's of revisions and realities from last years hype. Saw the Tashiba HD DVD under a protected case for security with 3 movies. Phantom of the opera???n

So many products are being displayed at mixed booths. Seemed to be a bigger trend this year. Made for ineresting zig-zagging. I started organized at the NewTek Booth and ended up all over.:screwy:

Tomorrow I'm finishing up a few missed items, back to NewTek and Panasonic and flying home. (a full hour and 10 minutes).

I hope everyone got as much from NAB as I did and for those who couldn't make it, you can get most everything from the vendors websites, other then hands on.

Night night.

04-27-2006, 09:07 AM
"HD" was tagged to products having nothing to do with HD????? How do you call a tripod "HD"???

Heh heh... yeah, I think I saw a "digital" tripod in one of the booths.

04-27-2006, 03:32 PM
I got a laugh out of it too.
I'm thrilled for NewTek and their dealers as much as the end users.

LightWave is upgrading with more tools and useability. (Good for users, dealers and NewTek).

3D Arsenal is making the average video guys life easier. (Good for users, dealers and NewTek).

TriCaster Pro serves another whole level of Professional users. (Good for users, dealers and NewTek).

SpeedEdit is not only HD now, but the standalone version opens countless new doors. (Good for users, dealers and NewTek).

This is going to be a great year for all of us and has potential to reach more users then ever. Just wait till the dealers can get thousands of Speed Edit's in schools! Within 5 years I should be able to find dozens of new young talent that can walk in and run the business for me! :thumbsup:

I'm so glad NewTek has this momentum going. That group of guys and gals deserve to be rewarded for all they have done for the video industry. I know they have made my business able to stay competitive in these times and I can't thank them enough, except by telling others about them.

Finally getting settled and reflecting on the show. NEED MORE SLEEP though. :sleeping: