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04-19-2006, 09:56 PM
This is my first post as a newcomer to these forums, so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong forum. What I want to ask is I am trying to make a very neat particle emmiter coming from an animation of a robotic hand that I am currently modeling, and what I want the particle to emit from the fingertips as the hand is moving about.

The particle shapes that I want is like the particles from the movie of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (If you people know this you might get the drift) When Kadaj dissolves into the air and emits the green particles that flow about, and emit from where he is dissapearing into the air. I want the same type of particles floating about from the hand, but I want it to emit from the fingertips so they look natural, and they move randomnly, but they also glow when they move with the neat little trace, like a little tail following them, and they desolve in the end of their life span.

And maybe also they can change colors over time througout the animation. I know it's alot to ask, but if some of you could help me out with this, I will be a very very pleased boy. I have been searching throughout the forum to see if this was possible, but I couldn't find anything like that through the searches I have made so far. But if you guys do have a topic about it, I will love to see how this is made using Hypervoxels, glows, and particle emmiters through a null object. I have Lightwave 8.0, and I am, I guess sort of an intermediate/beginner with Lilghtwave and Modeler, knowing the basics of modeling and animating. But I want to get more into the advanced stuff such as making glass reflected textures, such as the effect of whine glasses. (I have also looked at tutorials of these without much prevail, not understanding most of the terminology that they give me.)

Uuum, but before I get into even further detail, I only have a small model of the finger so far, but I just want to get the drift of what I have to do, and to test it out so I can make it successful later on in my progress of the animation. Here is a picture of the finger, and I know it sucks, but just bear with me.


This was partially made by all meta-nurbs, and some fixing up as well so the un-spline patched polygons didn't rip or overlap, but I want to give it a very neat aqueous effect to the finger.

But I still have alot of questions as to what I can do with it. If you look closely there is a fill in between the gaps of the fragmented parts of the finger and it is a whole object, that fill is. But what I want to to is to create some skelegons into it so it can bend along with the robotic shell that it has, but I cannot make the whole object one layer or the outer shell will deform as well as the inside. So I also need help in how I can make it so the shell follows the inside when it moves (And maybe some tutorial with Smart-Skinning, but take on the basics of weight maps and UV Maps and other things such as that. Some tutorials of that would help.) And the inside... I want to give it a glass apearrance, so it looks as if it where a part of the finger and it looks really cool that way, and maybe a kind of faded glass like the robot "Sunny" from I-Robot with his outer shells that are sort of transparent as well.

This may be a bit overwhelming but I hope that some of you can help me out with at least some of the parts of the finger I am working with, and I do plan to make this a very neat animation. I am also sorry that I could not give you the full hand, but I am progressing through the modeling so far, and also trying to get the grasp of particle emmiters, with dynamics of wind, gravity, and collision points. And I am also learning about null objects, Wieghtmaps, Hypervoxels and more. So if you can give some help to this newb, it would be great.

And thanks if you took your time reading this whole darn thing.

04-20-2006, 02:21 AM
I think you need to break this into smaller tasks.

But I think you will find it is all possible!

I'm not sure myself exactly how to do it, but I am pretty sure you need to start by getting the hang of particle emmiters. If you make an emitter that works the way you want you can parent it to a finger bone, and the rest will follow.

The key parameters you need to examine are parent velocity and gravity. The first determines how much the partickles inherit the motion of the emitter. For the particles you want, thios will be a fairly low value, so they look light.

A low gravity setting will ensure they look light too, as they will drift down slowly.

Next I suggest you look at gradients as they apply to the particles - the most important option for you here is to key the gradient to particle age. That way the colour can start off bright, and get darker as the particle ages.

I suggest you make a sepaerate scene, with a null and an emiiter. Parent the emitter to the null, and wave it around the scene. Once you have this working well. you can 'load from scene' to get the emitter into the scene with the figure, and parent it to the finger bone.

Hope that helps,

04-20-2006, 04:43 AM
Ok thanks... That was the plan that I wanted and I have been reading along everything that I could get my hands on. I finally learned (or realized) what gradients do with the particles just a while back, when I took a look at an object exploding using fire hypervoxels and the crack custom tool, and the tutorial to make it. I think I will fool around with it, but I have one question, or a couple regarding the null objects and the area particles emit in.

I also know that everything will be broken into small simple tasks at first, but I'm trying to get the general view of the whole animation, and I thank you also for the tip of the life of the particle and the gradient in which it shows it's death. But my main question is, is that throughout the animation, when you emit certain particles, I want the color to be different at a different time, and then it fades away... Like in the first 30 seconds I want the particle color to be a bright green where particles flow out of the fingertips and die off various times, and then after the 30 seconds are up, is there a way where it can fade it's color to a nice cool blue with the same process moving about from the particles death and such? That is one of the main questions.

Also... I do not know how to use null objects well, I only know how to use null points and areas, not specific surrfaces in which the particle can emit from. Hmmm, I think I might take a look at the sweating tutorial again to see if I can re-enact that with the fingers.

And there is also the question of the particles trail, just as it leaves from FFVII: Advent Children's particles when they move... If you don't get what I mean, here's a picture to show you:


That is the exact effect I want, but maybe the trail shortened quite a bit, but that kind of effect with the particles, that emit from the fingertips. Yeah...

Um also with the kind of faded away outer part, I dunno what texture to make or settings to put, but this effect looks real neat in the iRobot's white shell (armor, outer layer, etc.). Maybe in a different color, and a little bit more reflection, but this is also the basic idea of what I plan for this little hand, along with a nice reflective glass look to the inside.


Yeeeeah. Alot of work is going to be put into this, but I am willing to work hard for these desired effects, but I just need a tutorial of how to do it *laughs*. Or maybe I'll just expirement. I dunno, but help would be nice for those effects.

Also: The last thing I want to adress, is the bending of the finger and the inside of the shell. I want the shell to rotate with the inside so it looks uniform, and they don't overlap in the inside or outside (Yeah I even worked on it so it could fit in the inside, what a nice hand it will be.) Like... If you bend the robotic finger, that the inside bends naturally using weight maps (I still have no idea what they are, or how to use them, or their purpose) and some smart skinning, but I dunno if I should parent each outer part to the bone, and move the shells pivot point to the corrisponding bone that it will move with. The thing is, is I dunno how to exactly parent it, but I do know how to parent just the non skelegon/boned objects. So I guess that's a start. But I will look into the smart skinning, and I hope that I will be able to pull all of this together hopefully soon. Uuuum... Hmm... I can't think of anything else anymore, so I guess I'm set with my questions so far.

But... I'm bound to ask more later. Meh, what a curious little teenager I am.

04-24-2006, 07:37 PM
Ok... I am getting the idea about hypervoxels and emitters and sprites, and the particle age, but I am still puzzled in how to make the tails for the sprits such as that in the pictures I have shown above! I really need help this time, and I just want to find some answers from some better animators than I. Which is alot of people, considering how much I suck. I also need to know how the white shielding effect of the robot is created as well. I am sorry for double posting, but I thought it would be better if I were to ask again instead of posting another topic, like what other people do just to spam the boards. Nyeeeh. Anyone know how to achieve such nifty effects?