View Full Version : layer identification

04-18-2006, 11:04 AM
I am currently writing a little exporter for lightwave and have some trouble with it.

I use the Scene Objects global to get all lwo-files which are loaded and
extract the important geometry information such as polygons and points.

My next step is to use the Item Info global to get all items of type LWI_OBJECT. For each item I extract information like position, scaling, rotation and the lwo file on which the item is based.

This way I export the geometry of e.g. a car only once even if it is 20 times in the scene. Means I basically export the geometry and 20 of its references, having their own position, scaling and rotation.

The trouble starts if I have lwos which have multiple layers. I cant find any information telling me on which layer of the lwo file the item is based.

can anybody help?
Please ask if it wasn't clear enough.