View Full Version : Issues with F9 being different from F10 Renders.. Need help.

02-17-2003, 11:09 AM
Hello everyone, i post a lot on cgtalk but i thought i would expand my resources and visit this forum as well.

Having Problems with F9 and F10

The renders turn out different. I get this artifacting when i use F10 or LWSN in the shadows and having trouble resolving it.

This 1st one is a frame of LWSN and the F9 render.

This is just another from of LWSN or F10 render. The artifacting is all over the neck. Also during the LWSN render if the character rotates his head sometimes the artifacting goes away. And i can't F9 600 frames of animation hehehehe.

All my shadows are shadowmaps. I do have negative lights in there, Using the shadow trick. (Light A 100% with shadows and Light B -100% without) I say this becuase its on odd trick and maybe other people have had this cause problems but maybe not. It works find in other scenes and some frames of the animation. I don't ahve any raytracing shadows.. (mainly cause they are so sharp) And Raytrace shadows are on. Refection Refraction and Transparency raytrace are on as well. mainly for the eyes of the character.

Any ideas? Thanks for anyhelp!

02-17-2003, 02:09 PM
History of the situation:

I rendered out 300 frames last week using LWSN on 4 different computers and most were ruined by that artifacting that you see on the 1st post. So opened LW and rendered the same frame that was bad in the LWSN render and it looked good. So last weekend i set up LW to render 400 frames (on one processor) using F10 instead of Screamernet and 90percent of the frames show the artifacting issue. So without even closing LW after the render finished i hit F9 and rendered one of the frames that was bad, and it looked good. Now after closeing LW and doing more renders i can't actually reproduce the artifacting.. I am trying the F10 again and rendered 3 frames that showed up bad in the weekends render and they seem fine. So i guess ill try to render a portion of the animation tonight and see the results in the morning. I swear LW hates me.

02-17-2003, 03:46 PM
ok.. cache shadowmap is an Eveeeel option.. I had it checked on my of my lights and thanks to the guys at CG talk we figured it out. 8)~

I would delete this string lol but it won't let me :( So im just posting to let you know it solved er atleast we think it is.. will know fer sure by the morning. But now nobody should be wracking their brains over this hehehe..!