View Full Version : Complex Hierarchy--Odd result

04-16-2006, 02:44 PM
I'm looking for some advice on an odd problem I'm having with the antennae and cerci (rear antennae) rig of my trilobite model. They are rigged with IK, aimed at a null, one null per antenna. The antenna null are, in turn, children of another null (the "combined" null) that allows me to let them move as a unit, but also vary the motion a little so they aren't identical.

I want to set them up so that I can use follower or SpringyThingy plugs to automate some of their motion (or all, hopefully) but I'm getting an odd result.

In a scene where I've had to set up a motion for a lot of the things, I used low poly proxies to set the motion, exported the motion paths of the proxies and am applying the motions one at a time to the complex models. I'll render them with alphas and composite the results. Unfortunately, when the imported models are assigned the motion paths, the antenna nulls seem to want to remain as they were on setup. At first, I thought it was entirely due to the fact that the Combined null wasn't targeted at anything. I corrected that. The combined null is now targeted at the head object, and when the body pivots, the target nulls pivot as well, at least in the setup scene.

In the import scene, things aren't so clean, if you'll look at the enclosed JPEG. The antennae and the cerci are trying to retain horizontality, even though the nulls that govern them are rotating with the body. What might cause this? What can I do to eliminate it?