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04-12-2006, 02:31 PM
I am relatively new to Lightwave, and am in the process of making a video with face models made in FaceGen, based on real photo's. These are great quality when viewed and manipulated in Lightwave Modeller (see pic 1). However when opened in Lightwave Layout to create the video, the quality of the face is much lower (See pic 2). Is there any way to improve the quality in Lightwave Layout?


04-12-2006, 02:43 PM
since the grids are visible i'm assuming you've got a few caps of the open GL
hidden under the Display oprion pannels are various settinga you can tweek, if i had to guess i'd sy your layout opengl texture level is set to its lowest setting. this is a feature to control the update speed. the higher it is set to the slower you're feedback will be.
SHould be under "edit // Display Options" which will open a pannel with 4 tabs on it that will let you access everything you should need to tweek.
this particular setting is on the openGL tab. theres a tickbox named Opengl
Textures and next to it is a drop down resolution box. your probaly set at 64x64 pr 128x128.
depending on the geometrical denseness of the heads, and how many you have loaded, you could probably boost it up higher.
but in esence, it really wouldnt matter, as when you render (hit F9 if you dont know, for a single frame) the full image texture will be used, not the
lower level it creates for display while your working.

also the 'lights' in modeler are generically placed to give you a sort of overall ambient fill view, with slight shadows. once you get it over into Layout, you have to set up the Lighting rig yourself. the Default is a Distant light - which would be similar to a sun or . well a Distant light :-)

a 3 point spot (or if you have the cpu power) area light rig would look a lot better.

- Will.