View Full Version : Opinion on applying an image onto three sides of a DVD case?

04-11-2006, 10:48 PM
Hi all,

I'm just asking for your opinion on wrapping an image onto the front, spline and back of a dvd library case object that make up the label area. Keep in mind that the corners of the case are rounded so the image would need to curve onto the spline fromthe front and then curve onto the back of the case label.

I've already done this before years ago on the amiga using lw3d by applying the image onto the flattened copy of the polygons that make up the three sided label area then morphing it onto the original bent polygon label area in layout.

I now have the VT3 w/ LW3D 7.5c.

I haven't used LW3D in years so I started searching the forums to see if morphing is still the best method. I have since come across this UV texturing featuing.

Would UV texturing allow me to automatically create a flattened case label area to apply the image onto? Or would I be better off to use the old fashioned morphing technique?