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04-08-2006, 12:39 PM
I just joined here I am a college student loosing my mind. We started working with LW this semster and we are doing a rather intense project. I have been doing ok until now.
I have a character, I created a walk and saved it as a motion.
Now I have to being the character into another scene in order to animate the character in the context of the scene(silly walk). All was going well until the last five hours trying to solve a problem. I am doing so bad at this I want to cry and screem, I am already behind in this task for school.... my character is not even complete (his eyes and eye nulls are missing).

One question I have is:
When ever I try to bring my character into the silly walk scene i have a problem

I move the charachter where I want it to be with the master selected

when I try to animate the walk it first goes back to the place where it popped into the scene when first loaded. I also can not open the scene editor instead I have to open new instance does anyone know why I might be having this problem?

another question is :
when I bring my character into the silly walk scene and say open scene editor it will not open
I have to say open new instance to get the scene eiditor which than has a (1) instead of a zero

is this a problem ?

and :
in motion mixer How are the motions attached to the object or the scene?

When I import the scene of my creature, into the silly walk scene
are the motions made in motion mixer attached spacifically to that scene of my creature that import?

another words..... I am guessing I can not use an earlier version of the creature to import into the silly walk scene and then call on the motions made with a later version of my creature......

or can I?

Also ..... can those motions and actors be altered by morph mixer?

and have you found any solution to my eye issues?
to refresh.... the left eye wants to be in the right socket and vice verser, (at least the top and bottom are staying put)
Will I be able to import the eyes, build their bones, create their nulls (parent their nulls to the master) and still keep my animation in one piece? I sure hope so.......


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04-08-2006, 05:58 PM
:yoda: I know what you mean about being in college and falling behind. That is the point that I am at as well. Where are you going to college? I am trying to find out were to transfer to after JCC.
:o I am not sure I can help you with your motion mixer problems. Your eye problem sounds like a parenting gimmick, but that is my inexperienced opinion. I hope there is someone ou there who can be more help than me.