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05-23-2003, 12:59 AM
The marketing issues about Genesis have been discussed elsewhere.

On the technical side, what differentiates live video programmes in a church from live video anywhere else?

What will be different about this product in comparison with the vt3 or another vt3 based product, say one for making corporate webcasts or local cable shows?


05-23-2003, 06:25 AM
There are a number of subtle differences, but differences nonetheless...

Churchs generally have volunteers on staff. Training is a big issue, and so's ease of use. The volunteers never really become 'pros', either...no time.

The productions for churches also have some very specific graphic elements, obviously, such as bible verses. This mean someone is doing a lot of repetitive typing. There are ways to eleminate this.

And on and on...

One size fits all products are fine - but they don't exactly fit anybody. The idea here is to make a product that is designed to meet the needs of one specific market. And there are other markets to come, I reckon...

05-23-2003, 07:52 AM
I worked as the Pastor of Media for a church in DC for a year before going back to school to study animation (using my 3d app of choice LW). During that time I was responsible for pretty much running the sunday service. Churches have announcements, lyrics for songs, outline information for the sermon, and video clips for illustrations that they use. My brother who is a Worship Leader just went to a conference for worship leaders and the stuff that Genesis does is what the most cutting edge churches were doing and what I see most churches eventually going to. The kids coming up in america are more and more visual and still imagery just isn't doing it for them any more, that's why they're moving this direction.

Another thing about churches on top of what Stranahan said is that churches, because they rarely have full time people to prepare the stuff for sundays, need to be able to do stuff quickly and efficiently.

05-23-2003, 10:44 AM
I can appreciate what you guys are saying, but you could probably say the same for a small cable TV broadcaster, a media school/college programme or a corporate communications venture.

Isn't it the case that just about any 'small' broadcaster (whatever form that broadcast may take) with a constrained budget and non full-time professional staff have the same needs?

My perception (on zero knowledge) is that the church market is only differentiated by a very slim margin from these others that I have suggested and the most important difference is really just down to a small amount of customisation of the software/skins, some resources and some packaging and of course documenattion and tender loving care. One product could fit 90% of all these 'easy broadcast' markets with 10% local customisation.

Does 10% customisation really herald a new flagship product line every time?


05-23-2003, 07:46 PM
I don't think the Genesis is NewTek's 'Flagship' product, that would be the VT3.

The plan is, I understand, to offer customized versions for several different 'niche' markets. The ministry market was probably picked for first rollout because of it's size. I would expect to see an Educational version, an Event Videographer version and a News Editor version (NewsChopper VT maybe) eventually. I have heard rumblings that a stripped down version for animators is in the works ala the Framefactory. I will predict that these will all be variants of what we all know and love with targeted content and configurations.

06-30-2003, 01:19 AM
Lee and others,

Have you read this thread?


I've read the threads in the forums with all of the (passionate) discussions of Genesis.

Very interesting...

However, my needs are specific and immediate. I need to make a purchase decision as soon as possible and I came to Newtek looking for help. Genesis seemed like a good possibility, but it may not be ready for me yet. I made several calls to NewTek and finally spoke with the West Coast Sales rep who told me that Genesis was still in development.

So I'm left to assume that my needs are exactly what NewTek is looking to target, but that until Genesis is ready, I'm best served to look at the VT.

Are there any other options for me?

Again, my immediate need is to capture footage, edit and produce that footage and distribute DVD's on a weekly basis. Live switching will be added in the future. I've already got good audio equipment, but no video equipment. I've got $10K to spend and have to get a camera, a NLE system and some sort of DVD burner. DVD duplication will not fall under that budget constraint.

Thanks for any input you can offer...

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