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04-07-2006, 11:54 PM
I have beed running 9 machines using lightnet in a workgroup and have several other xp pro and 2000 boxs available, so to get past the limitation of 10 connection to a workstation, I have installed a new pc with 25seat Win2003 server.

We are running lightnet to control screamernet in our current workgroup and all runs great using a Mapped X drive for Lightwave and a mapped Y drive for content/renders shared from my XP workstation and Lighnet master is on that same box.

I was hopping that just having the server on the network might override the ten machine workgroup limit. But now realize the server might be the only box more that more then 10 machines can connect to at the same time.

So no problem X and Y drives will move to the server which will accept 25 connections and still be simple workgroup, but I want to keep my Lightwave on the workstation.

If Lightnet is run on the server, with all plugins, content/render on the server and lwsn is on the XPpro box will the same 10 connection limit hit??

Or do I need another seat of Lightwave 8.5 running on the server for rendering only.

If anyone knows a way to keep my current workgroup style network and use the 25 seat server to eliminate the 10connection box limit on the XP Pro's
x and Y drive that would be the ideal since is all works fine other then Microsloths 10 connection limit.

Any helps or ideas are greatlly appreciated.

04-08-2006, 11:59 AM
You hit the nail on the head. You need the Server box running the Lightnet controller. You also need the content and the plug-ins on the server, so that the other b0x3n can see them, and your config files need to point to the plug-ins on the server.

To do this just copy your Lightwave folder from your previous computer to the server, and re-add your plug-ins using the copies on the server.

Just for the record you could have saved some money by using Linux as the OS for your server box, instead of paying MS for Server+Connection Licenses.

04-10-2006, 02:14 PM
It doesn't matter what system you run the Lightnet controller on.

The issue is that the Windows server(s) will limit the number of simultaneous connections to whatever its licensed for (10 and 25 in your example, respectively).

If you want the XP box, with 10 licenses, to be your server, you will never be allowed more than 10 connections.

Similarly, if you move all of the data to the W2K3 box, you can have up to 25. Having a 25-connection licensed node on the network will not change the behavior of the other systems.

This, typically, is why most people, once they get over a handful of nodes, move to Linux, FreeBSD, or the like as their primary servers (and some even dump Windows entirely, and run LWSN under Wine or similar). Better performance and no limit on the number of connections. I'm not sure if this is the right path for you, specifically.

However, to get 25 connections, you need to connect to the server licensed for 25 connections.

For Lightnet, specifically, any number of boxes can be configured as slave processors, and one has to be configured as a master. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which is which - you actually don't even have to run Lightnet itself on the slave devices - just LWSN.EXE with the right paramters - although the master will typically take some extra CPU power to process the various clients.

04-10-2006, 03:47 PM
Thanks both!!!

It was almost too easy. Simply disconnected the X and Y XPpro mapped drives, Remapped the server2003 shares to X and y, updated the mapping on the nodes to the newly made X and Y drives and copied all the content plugs and Lightnet to the sever.

Since all was configured originally for X and Y it all just booted up as if nothing changed, with lightnet picking up the scene it was rendering when I shut it down.

Yea Linux nodes are next.

Thanks for all the help!!